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The Gin & Tonic - Reid's Gin Cocktails

The Gin & Tonic - Reid's Gin Cocktails

The Gin & Tonic is a classic cocktail with a simple recipe, yet it is anything but boring. Originally it was served as a medicinal tonic for British sailors; they got the gin from the Dutch and the tonic water from India and mixed it together with vitamin-C rich lime for a potent cocktail. Back then it likely was not as elegant and effervescent as it is today, now being mixed in beautiful glassware with fresh ice and clear tonic, fresh fruits & herbs; there really are endless combinations for this cocktail.

At Reid's we have an array of options for you to explore with our 4 different styles of gin currently available and walls of tonic flavours to choose from.

Try the Citrus Gin with an elderflower tonic, the Spiced Gin with a valencia orange tonic, our Signature Gin with a pink cucumber & rose tonic or the Navy Strength Gin with an aromatic tonic water. Switch up the combinations and try your own! We've made it super easy to experiment with cocktail kits like our 4 pack of mini gins with mix & matched tonics or big bottles of gin packaged with 4 packs of mixer, these gift packs also come with dehydrated garnish.


The recipe is simple:

Take 1-2 oz of gin and pour into a glass with ice.

Top up with your favourite tonic and a squeeze of lemon or lime if desired.

Give a quick stir.

Mix in your favourite berries, citrus wheels, herbs & botanicals as garnish to add extra aromatics & colour.


Find our full selection of gins heremixers here.


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