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Gin Caesar - Reid's Gin Cocktails

Gin Caesar - Reid's Gin Cocktails

The Caesar is a quintessentially Canadian cocktail; invented in 1969 in Calgary, Alberta by Walter Chell for the hotel restaurant that he managed at the time. It was invented to be the flagship cocktail of the Italian themed restaurant and nods to seafood marinara pasta dishes (and goes great with them too!). Today, Caesars are enjoyed with brunch, at barbecues and cocktail bars all around Canada. Traditionally it is made with vodka, but the substitution of Gin adds botanical flavours that play very well with the other components of the drink.

Here's how to make it:

Rim a glass with a caesar rimmer (we like Salty Paloma's Maria Rimmer).

Fill glass with ice.

(If desired) add a dash of hot sauce, dash of Worcestershire sauce, 1/2 oz lime juice, pinch of horseradish, dash of celery bitters, cracked pepper, whatever your savoury heart desires!

Add 1-2 oz of Reid's Signature, Citrus or Spiced Gin.

Top up with clamato (we like Walter's Caesar Mixes - aptly named after the drinks creator - they come in a variety of spice levels and flavours, including a vegan option!) 

Give a quick stir to incorporate all the ingredients and garnish with pretty much anything you like: celery, pickles, olives, bacon, oysters, mini cheeseburgers. Canada gets creative with our Caesar garnishes!


We offer a Caesar cocktail kit available for delivery within Toronto or the GTA or available for pickup at our distillery (just steps from Queen St. East). It has everything you need to mix up a perfect Caesar at home! Find it here.

Don't feel like mixing cocktails tonight? We also offer pre mixed ready-to-drink Spiced Gin Caesars available in store or online.

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