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The Gimlet - Reid's Gin Cocktails

The Gimlet - Reid's Gin Cocktails

The gimlet is a classic lime sour cocktail created in the mid 20th century and drank by the British Royal Navy as a way to prevent scurvy. Rose's Lime Juice (slightly sweetened) was originally used along with Navy Strength Gin; rumour has it the name "Gimlet" was taken from the gimlet tool that would have been used to drill holes on Royal Navy ships and it is said that it is the "piercing effect" that one might feel from drinking the cocktail that the name harkens back to.


Mix up a traditional style gimlet using our Reid's ingredients:

Shake with ice and strain into a chilled coupe or martini glass. Garnish with fresh or dehydrated lime.

Tools: Jigger, Cocktail Shaker, Hawthorne Strainer, Mesh Strainer, Glassware, Pour Spout

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