Reid's Distillery

Reid's Signature Gin 750ml


Reid's Gin is a traditionally balanced gin with a Canadian twist of wild-foraged botanicals. Presented in a decanter-style bottle with a hand-crafted wax seal. It's smooth finish makes it perfect for a martini - but it also tastes pretty fantastic in a G&T.


  • a 'whisper' of dry vermouth (a few drops of vermouth to fully experience the gin - up to a full ounce of vermouth for a more mellow experience)
  • 2 oz Reid's Signature Gin

stir in a mixing glass with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass; garnish with an olive, lemon peel or a cocktail onion 



pour gin & tonic into a glass with ice and garnish with citrus, berries, cucumber, herbs, dried fruit, flowers, whatever your heart desires! some of our favourites are: juniper berries, rosemary, grapefruit or apple ~


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