Reid's Distillery

Bee's Knees Cocktail Kit


Developed by the head bartender of The Ritz in Paris in 1921, the name Bee's Knees comes from prohibition-era slang meaning "the best" and it truly is a beautifully balanced, yet simple, cocktail to make! Made with Reid's Gin, fresh lemon juice, and some KVAS Jasmine Lavender Honey Simple Syrup. Shaken and chilled, this refreshing cocktail is served with dehydrated lemon and lavender garnish.

  • 750ml Bottle Reid's Signature Gin
  • 2 x 200 ml Lemon Cocktail Mix
  • KVAS Lavender Jasmine Simple Syrup
  • Bag of Dehydrated Lemon Slices
  • Container of Lavender Garnish
  • Gift Box

KVAS Lavender Jasmine Simple Syrup

Kvas Lavender Jasmine Simple Syrup uses REAL Ontario Lavender and Canadian blended Jasmine Tea to give you a floral, honey-sweet syrup sure to lighten the mood of any party.

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