My parents were from England and Scotland, so the idea of a distillery was not foreign to me growing up - though we were predominantly a whisky household. Gin is the original cocktail spirit, which makes it my ideal choice for distilling.  With its diverse style and ingredients, gin has overwhelmingly been the key spirit for cocktails, both past and present.

After leaving a career in finance, this was the perfect opportunity to apply my business skills to one of my biggest passions - gin.  An appreciation for a well-distilled spirit was passed on to me early on. It is this appreciation I now share with my kids and can’t wait to share with you. If my parents were alive today, they would be proud and amazed to see generations of ‘Reid’s’ getting out of their comfort zone to fulfil their dreams.

Martin Reid
Calvin Reid


I think my favourite part about gin is the recipe development. Playing with botanical combinations to discover palette-pleasing flavours makes it easy to wake up and come to work every day. If developing recipes is my favourite part of gin, my second favourite is conducting tastings. Leading a tasting is a fascinating and educational experience. It’s fun watching someone identify a flavour they previously missed or learning something new about their tastes or preferences.

Whether it’s roasting my own coffee, home-brewing beer, crafting unique cocktails or spirit tasting seminars, I have always been on the hunt for flavour. Ever since discovering gin, I was blown away by the possibilities - endless combinations of botanicals mean there are infinite recipes (and therefore flavours) that can be explored!


Ten years ago, I moved to Scotland for university. On my first day, my roommate (and soon to be one of my best friends), prescribed gin and tonic as our drink of choice. And good thing, because it opened my eyes to a world of gin and I’ve never looked back.

Bringing gin home to Canada over the years has given me the chance to share different and creative gins with my family. After having tasted (almost) all of the gins in the UK, I quit my job in London. I convinced my partner to move with me to Canada so we could continue this gin adventure. I am so excited to work with my brothers and dad to expand the world of gin in Canada.

Jacqueline Reid
Graham Reid


I have had a passion for brewing beer since I was young. From homebrewing with my brother and father to hunting down rare one-off beers, I was always keen to know more. At 19, I embarked on a quest, cycling from Halifax to Vancouver to discover what craft beer truly meant to Canadians. Three months of visiting craft breweries and speaking with their brewmasters taught me what it takes to push the boundaries of beer in Canada.

Since then, my passion has expanded to the world of craft spirits and understanding the possibilities of gin. I am now pursuing my Masters in Brewing & Distilling at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland. With this deeper understanding of the distilling process, I now have the opportunity to explore, experiment and push the boundaries of gin.