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 Reid's Signature Gin 

Our original gin was crafted to bring the London Dry style to the Canadian forefront. This balanced gin is distilled with hand picked Canadian juniper and wild forged sweet fern. It was important for our family to create a gin that would work well in a G&T, martini and cocktail. 


Reid's Citrus Gin

When crafting Reid's Citrus Gin it was our goal to capture the aroma and taste of a citrus bouquet. The citrus peel used during the distilling process is hand peeled and fresh to bring forward the citrus oils. Balanced and bold, this gin plays perfectly in any citrus forward cocktail.


Reid's Spiced Gin

Reid's Spiced brings a bold blend of savoury spiced tones to the world of gin. With a body of cardamon, cloves and cassia this gin finishes with a hint of szechuan . A perfect gin for a classic negroni or a dirty olive martini!