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Reid's Gin is in the LCBO

Reid's Gin is in the LCBO

We are excited to announce that Reid’s Gin is hitting the shelves of the LCBO! Reids’ Gin will be available on the LCBO website and gradually rolled out across Toronto and the rest of the province. As a family-run distillery, building Reid’s and crafting our gin has been our biggest adventure. We love tasting, creating and exploring the world of gin and want to elevate gin in Ontario. Being in the LCBO helps us do that. It means we can reach more people and keep growing Reid’s with ever more creative gins. 

The LCBO’s support of Reid’s and other craft distilleries doesn’t come out of nowhere. It’s an extension of their focus on local, craft drinks. In the past 15 years, the LCBO has focused on bringing in Ontario craft beer that have changed the beer landscape with their creativity.  Ontario distilleries like us are catching up and there’s still a ways to go. For every Ontario craft gin available in the LCBO, there’s over 30 different Ontario craft beers available. 

We are determined to bring creativity and playfulness to gin.  The LCBO started the Ontario Small Distillers program to help promote craft spirits and it’s that program that has brought Reid’s Gin into shops. It’s exciting to think of how different the gin aisle may look in a few years… 

The Ontario Small Distillers program isn’t the only change on the LCBO’s gin shelves - they started a Gin Shop. This “exclusive selection of deluxe craft gins” is like Vintages but for great gin. We are pleased to announce that this spring Reid’s will be joining the shelves of Gin Shops across Ontario. The Gin Shop is part of LCBO’s recognition that quality makes a difference and as a craft distillery who pays attention to all the details, we are proud to be selected. 

Since opening Reid’s, we’ve seen how much people care about what they drink - where it comes from and what goes into it.  Being at the forefront of this change in Ontario spirits is exciting. Creativity and quality are at the centre of what we do and seeing Reid’s on LCBO shelves is reaffirming to see how things are changing in Ontario craft spirits. 

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