Reid's Distillery

Semi-Private Event Deposit


Semi-Private Events are a minimum of 20 people with max of 35. A a minimum spend of $40 per person is in effect with deposit being deducted if minimums are not met. If minimums are met, event deposit will be fully refunded after the event.


Semi-Private event do not allow for:

  • Catering is limited to a cold service menu provided by Reid's Distillery
  • Decor is pending approval
  • Live Music or DJ's are not permitted for Semi-Private events
  • Seating is restricted to pre-reserved area of the lounge.
  • Semi-private events are subject to Reid's Distillery's hours of operation and standard menu. 

Minimum Spends:

 Any minimum spends not met over the evening will be deducted from the deposit.

Example: 35 people booked @ a minimum spend of $40/person = $1,400 minimum spend. If on event day there is only a total spend of $1,300 collectively between all in attendance, $100 would be deducted from the deposit with the remaining $700 being refunded.

Attendance Over 35 People:

If on event day more than the 35 people are invited and attend, an $80 per person fee (over the 35 person max) will be deducted from the deposit and does not count towards minimum spend. 

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