Reid's Distillery

June 30th - Linda Carone - Gin & Jazz


Event: Gin & Jazz with Linda Carone
Date: June 30th 2022
Venue: Reid’s Distillery

Doors Open: 7:00PM
Start time: 8:00 PM
End time: 10:00 PM


"Plenty of jazz vocalists have great voices. Many of them explore the treausres of the Great American Songbook. Linda Carone gets full marks for both and makes it all infinitely more interesting by interpreting far from exploited gems from the jazz/blues oeuvre, going right back to the 1920s. Who knew there were so many relatively under-heard tunes? In the hands of a wonderful singer and a first class team of players, these old songs perform the seemingly contradictory feat of blasting new life into an established genre." 

 - Mark Rheaume
     CBC Radio

Price: $5 (all ticket sales go to the artist)
Phone: 416 465-4444



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