Reid's Distillery

Sweetie Pie Mulled Cider Kit - Salty Paloma & Reid's Distillery Kit


Craft a warming cocktail for the holidays with the Sweetie Pie Mulled Spiced Cider. The warming tones of Reid's Spiced Gin are complimented by Salty Paloma's Sweetie Pie Rimmer. Make sure to take the time to warm your cider first with the packet of a unique blend of spices and top up with Reid's Spiced Gin.

  • 750ml Bottle Reid's Spiced Gin
  • Sweetie Pie Rimmer - Salty Paloma
  • 2 L Apple Cider
  • Packet of spices to mull with your cider
  • Bag of Dehydrated Apples

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