Our Story

The Reid’s have long been a family of exploration. Our sense of adventure has taken us to all corners of the globe, encompassed all manner of challenges, and more than all else, has transcended into the attitude and approach we take to any new challenge or opportunity.

We have applied the same attitude and approach to our newest venture - the establishment of an urban gin distillery, right in the heart of Toronto. Our family owned and operated distillery is an opportunity for exploration and education, for discovery and creation, and of course for a delicious cocktail (or two!).

We hope that our products can tell the story of our family and our love of gin. We want a drink made with Reid’s to be refreshing, something that stands apart, and just a little out of the ordinary. By insisting that we manage every aspect of creation, we can authentically offer you a taste of Reid’s from grain to glass.

We are excited to open our doors, but in the meantime, follow our social media accounts to see how we set up our distillery.